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Posted by @NatasaBrouwer on July 8, 2015, 5:18 p.m.

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Remindo was one of the digital assessment applications of the University of Amsterdam.
Remindo is replaced by TestVision Online in September 2017.

Remindo you can create different types of questions: multiple choice, matching, ordering, fill in blank, etc. and of course also the open (essay) questions. Open questions need to be checked up and assessed manually, all closed types of questions can be checked automatically by Remindo. You can try it out by making a test as a student.

Remindo DEMO assessment (in Dutch) (you can try it out as a student)

For FNWI lecturers
The material in Remindo can still be accessed by lecturers but not for the students. Please contact Natasa Brouwer ( if you need any help like this.

Remindo has two separated parts:

Manuals for lecturers (in Dutch)

Watch a short video in Dutch to see how the login in Remindo Manager looks like:

Manuals how to create questions and assessments in Remindo

  • Find here a series of instruction videos (in Dutch) how to create questions in Remindo. There is a video for each type of question available:
  • See a short UvA instruction video in two parts about how to construct an assessment in Remindo. Note that assessment (toets in Dutch) in Remindo is called "toetsmatrijs".
    • Construct assessment Part A: create rules for your assessment (in Remindo Dutch: Instellingen toetsmatrij
  • Construct assessment Part B: select questions in Remido to be used in your assessment (in Remindo Dutch: Regels toevoegen aan een toetsmatrijs)
    => Remindo (Paragin

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