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The main part of self-directed studies is a group research project defended in the form of PowerPoint presentation.  

Main goals of the research project are:

  • to deepen students’ knowledge,
  • to improve skills in research making,
  • to develop skills in public presentation,
  • to work in a team.

Students participating in the group research project have to fulfill a certain part of the project according to assignments. For example, the project “Improvement the technology of sodium phosphates production” consists of 4 parts:

  1. general characteristics and chemical composition of initial reagents based on chemical analyses results, 
  2. research the technological process of target product preparation in different conditions,
  3. X-ray and infrared identification of the target product prepared in different conditions,
  4. justification the optimal technological mode of this product preparation.
Every group member fulfills a separate part of the project and herewith the first student passes obtained results to the second participator and so on. As a result of this joint project students defend their research as a presentation and explain obtained results.    

Procedure of project defense includes the following steps:

  • Presentation (PowerPoint) of research projects is actively discussed with a supervisor and other teachers who evaluate the project goal attainment and give an estimate to the students’ group work.
  • During or right after this discussion  students are expected to give a «Feedback», via answering the following questions:

       What did you know before the research?
       What did you learn and discover during the research?
       What else would you like to know about this process?

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