Following the assessment cycle

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An examiner, appointed by the Examinations Board, is responsible for the quality of the course (condition 21 Kader Toetsbeleid UvA). There is a systematic evaluation of the assessment program on both course and education level (condition 22 Kader Toetsbeleid UvA).

Each examiner follows the assessment cycle systematically to guarantee the quality of the assessments in a course. The quality of the assessment is as high as the quality of the weakest link in the assessment cycle (Sluijsman et al., 2013). The Examinations Board can check information from each step in the assessment cycle at any time. Examiners are obliged to give the Examinations Board the requested information (WHW, art 7.12c).

The figure (see below) shows the assessment cycle, with the products resulting from following the assessment cycle.

Assessment cycle with products.jpg

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