Test item analysis

Posted by @SusanVoogd on May 27, 2014, 1:06 p.m.
Aliases: ToetsEnItemAnalyse

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After the take it is adviced to run a test item analysis to verify whether all items or questions in the assessment measure what is intended to measure. 

For open question assessments and assessments using grading rubrics in small studentgroups (n<50 students) this Itemanalyse.xlsx can be used to calculate the percentages.

For multiple choice assessments you can upload the analysis from Blackboard, Question Mark Perception or Teleform into https://www.qdnatool.org/exams/add (UvA-net ID requested), to optimize the assessment before grading. 

For all other assessment types (assessments using grading rubrics, open question assessments, a assessmentmix with multiple choice questions and open questions) and for itemanalyse for maximal five partial assessments this hulpsheet bij toetsanalyse en cijfers geven.xlsx  can be used to calculate: the reliability coefficient, the percentages, the item total correlation, grades per partial assessment and final grades. In this videos: video 1 & video 2 interpretation of the values is explained.

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