Assessment organization

Posted by @SusanVoogd on July 10, 2014, 2:24 p.m.
Aliases: Toetsorganisatie

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The quality of assessment organization can be defined as the quality of the assessment as a result of logistic organization. 

The examiner is responsible for the quality of the assessment and guarding the deadlines following the assessment cycle. This includes: planning of peer review, printing the assessments, start in time with the (re)take, publication of grades and arrange insight in the assessment. A check whether the quality of assessment organization can be optimized is part of the evaluation of the assessment and can be reported in the assessment evaluation report. 

Evaluating the assessment organization, you can answer the following questions:
1. Was it possible to follow the assessment cycle phases as planned in advance? 
2. Are assessment procedures clear for the assessor (how to score, how to grade, etc.)?  

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