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Posted by @SusanVoogd on Sept. 11, 2014, 4:49 p.m.

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After a (re)take a peer reviewer can be asked by the examiner to write a teacher declaration. In a teacher declaration the peer reviewer informs:

1. whether the procedure and information about the assessment was transparent to students,

2. whether the assessment was valid (adequate level of difficulty conform table of specification and conform course content),

3. whether the assessment was reliable (adequate length and desired test- and item analysis data),

4. whether the percentage of passes is 70% or higher,

5. whether special actions were needed for grading (for example: removal of questions, answer corrections, cut-off score corrections, etc.)

6. if and how the assessment can be optimized for next year.

It is advised to make a written record of the information mentioned above. To sign it by the peer reviewer and to leave space for the examiner to give a response. With this teacher declaration the examiner can optimize future assessments. It can also be handed in to the Examinations Board to prove the quality of the assessment.

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