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Ephorus is a plagiarism tool.
Cited from the Ephorus site https://www.ephorus.com/:
Ephorus identifies texts which include rearranged words, sentences or paragraphs. Even texts that have been altered do not pose a problem for Ephorus; the system sees through different formats quickly and efficiently. Plagiarism can be detected in any alphabet: Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew and Greek.

Ephorus compares
  • internet sources;
  • work previously submitted at your school or university;
  • work submitted at the 4,000 other schools and universities that use Ephorus*;
  • other relevant documents: journals, reference material, etc.

Ephorus can be used as a tool in Blackboard.
Manual to use Ephorus in Blackboard:

UvA campus licence for Ephorus changes in 2015 to Turnitin campus licence.

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