Posted by @NatasaBrouwer on March 9, 2014, 8:31 p.m.

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  • Tentamenlade is a platform for higher education lecturers to collect, reuse and share exam questions. These can be open questions or other types of questions e.g. multiple choice. 
  • The questions in the Tentamenlade can be used for assessment or for practicing eg. in tutorials.
  • In Tentamenlade the lecturers can collaborate on different levels:
    • lecturers who teach one course on one faculty
    • lecturers who teach one course on different faculties
    • lecturers who teach different courses (interdisciplinairy)
  • Flexible arrangement of writing and read/copy rights within the author groups in Tentamenlade makes different levels of collaboration possible. 
  • To login Tentamenlade in the Netherlands the institution accounts can be used (e.g. UvAnetID) which is arranged by SURFconext. This makes it possible that lecturers from different institutions can easily collaborate in Tentamenlade
  • Tentamenlade is developed in SOWISO.
  • Questions? Please contact Tentamenlade project.


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