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Posted by @GuusjeSmit on Aug. 30, 2016, 7:15 p.m.

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Decentrale selectie, BA Psychobiology


Guusje Smit, Project leader Surveillance on distance

Situation before the intervention

The decentrale selectie is an admission test, which high school students have to make in order to be selected for the BA Psychobiology. The test is regularly on paper at the UvA, but for this occasion, a couple of students could make the test digitally with remote surveillance.


Type of exam
Digital exam in Remindo. The digitalisation of the test was especially done for these 3 students.

Type of Surveillance
The students made the exam from home, with ProctorExam Pro + mobile camera

Number of students

Number and types of incidents
1 incident

1x Student left the exam room without submitting

Reason to choose for surveillance on distance
During the admission process for the BA Psychobiology, the candidates are asked to make a test. On the date and time of the test, three students were not able to come to Amsterdam. The organisation had to find another solution for these students and thought Remote surveillance would be an option. One candidate was in Belgium, one was in France and one in Utrecht, where she had to finish another test, before she could join ours.


The study adviser addressed the problem that a few candidates couldn’t attend the test. The programme coordinator contacted us with the question if the test could be taken on distance. We decided to give it a try and it worked out really well. We had to first arrange that the test was digitalised. Since we had experience with Remindo, an assessment application, we decided to use this. Then, the candidates were contacted and informed about the digital test with the online surveillance. They had to make sure they had everything in order; a laptop available and a mobile phone with camera and a good internet connection. One student had to be in Utrecht for another admission test, so she could only join the test later. This was not a problem.

During the exam we could monitor the students and give them access to the exam in Remindo. Everything went smoothly.


The communication was important in this experiment. The candidates are very young ad nervous about the admission test. By emailing every step they had to take and guiding them through the process, the candidates knew exactly what was expected of them.

Reaction of the students

The reaction of the candidates were very positive. They were mainly happy that they could participate in this way.

The explanation was clear, I knew what was expected of me.
It would be an improvement if I could have asked a question to the teacher, if a question is not clear.

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