Strength based coaching

Posted by @PitaVandevelde on April 21, 2015, 7:07 p.m.

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We invested the past years in research & applications of strength based coaching methods. Seeing students as individuals with unique possibilities & strengths, helps us to coach them towards confident youngsters, able to reflect upon themselves and guide themselves towards better results.
In 2012 we started a research project with a specific focus on strength based coaching. We start from discovering students’ strengths and qualities. We try to connect with their aspirations and dreams, and appreciate what is already. We stimulate them and support their learning. We encourage initiative, creativity and self-regulation. We want them to reach out for a goal and stay focused on the future and results.
By using strength based coaching methods, we aim to raise the general well-being of our students, and we strongly believe that this will increase their study performance.
Some of these techniques include Appreciative Inquiry (Cooperrider), Solution Focused Coaching (Berg), FeedForward (Goldsmith) and Growth Mindset (Dweck).
Students that are generally happier and aware of their strengths are students with higher study performance. Enhancing well-being of students and study successes by coaching them on their strengths is a choice that can be made by everyone in higher education.

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