FNWI Videorecording Studio, Reservation

Posted by @NatasaBrouwer on April 20, 2016, 2:11 p.m.

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The FNWI Videorecording studio is situated at Education Service Center, room
If you have a question or you wish to make an appointment, you can send an e-mail to blended-learning-science@uva.nl. Depending on your needs there might be some costs involved for technical support during the recording.

Watch the Studio Promo video and see more about FNWI studio at:

Tips how to make knowledge clips
To make quality knowledge clips and to work efficiently it is recommended to make a (simple) scenario. You can use a simple template:

  • Template knowledge clip scenario
    This template has a simple structure. It was used by the lecturers in our previous project abut knwledge clips.
    There are also several other possiblities how to structure your knowledge clip.
  • Knowledge clip about knowledge clip
    You can watch a knowledgle clip (in Dutch) to find out more about different structures of knowledge clips and get some tips how to organize your visual material for the knowledge clip.

A knowledge clip can also be an animation. Short animations about a concepts are often called explanimations (see explanation on YouTube). Specific software are used to make explanimations. If you (work at FNWI) and are interested in VideoScribe (http://www.videoscribe.co/), please contact ICTO-FNWI (icto-fnwi@uva.nl).

Example of knowledge clip
Ivo van Vulpen: Knowledge clip Loops

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