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Posted by @NatasaBrouwer on April 3, 2014, 10:50 a.m.

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Expertise in Teaching Chemistry in Higher Education database is started by the EC2E2N European project (funded by the European Commission) of the ECTN (European Chemistry Thematic Network) and is one of the outcomes of the working group Towards Excellence in School and University Teaching (2013-2016).
The ECT - ECTN database is established to connect the lecturers and their teaching expertise to share in the European context.


Go to => List of descriptors on topics relevant to university chemistry teaching

Go to => Expertise in Chemistry Teaching Database and find all items added to the database - the latest are added on the top:

  • People - personal profiles of the chemistry lecturers from different universities who are willing to share their experience
  • Information - teaching methods

Search in all public documents published on Starfish. These can also be from other disciplines than chemistry. Log in with your Starfish account to find only the documents which are connected to ECTN. To do so select the community when you Search.


Description of the database

The working group dealing with the database has identified 15 main headings which include Interactive Lecturing, Practical Work and Group Work and these have been divided into a total of 52 sub-topics. For example, Interactive Lecturing has been further divided into the seven topics: Incomplete Hand-outs, Questioning, Lecture Breaks, Audience Response Systems (Clickers), Flipped Lectures, Online Classrooms and Lecture Demonstrations. It is hoped that the database will initially serve two independent roles. Firstly the brief descriptors of topics related to teaching will provide an easy point of reference for new or experienced lecturers wishing to enhance or expand their teaching and secondly the database will provide details of individuals who have expertise in each of the topics described. This will enable universities or individual lecturers to identify appropriate individuals to consult for help or invite to their institutions to promote appropriate improvements in teaching and learning. Further uses are likely to evolve as the number of records stored in the database increases.

The "Expertise in Chemistry Teaching Database" is a network for knowledge sharing. Persons and information about good university chemistry teaching are brought together in a network which can expand in a natural way. Each entity can be tagged according to different aspects of teaching design using technological pedagogical content knowledge approach (TPACK ) or in the case of teaching without the use of technology a PCK approach (PCK= pedagogical content knowledge). This makes it possible to search within any of these knowledge domains bringing the integral knowledge together.

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