Wireless presentation in lecture rooms

Posted by @NatasaBrouwer on Oct. 6, 2017, 9:48 a.m.

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In several lecture rooms at the UvA is it possible to give a presentaion wireless. The wireless presentation is possible form laptops and tablets (also iPad Pro). The technologie that is used is VIA. Follow instruction in the instruction folder Instruction Folder: if you have a pc or android start your browser and fill in the code of the room that you can see on the computer in the room.This will temporary run the VIA app on your device. You can also install the app before at home at Kramer.

At the Science Park there lecture rooms are now:
A1.04, A1.08, A1.14, A1.16a+b, C1.110, H0.08 en C2.150

See a short instruction video how to wireless connect your own device to VIA Kramer





There is an instruction folder in all the rooms about how to work with it.
Download Instruction Folder

More information and support AVD Science Park: Jasper Moes (525 7913)

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