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Posted by @NatasaBrouwer on March 9, 2014, 8:31 p.m.

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At the University of Amsterdam all larger lecture rooms have the possibility to record a weblecture (UvA is using Mediasite).

There is a web form to reserve the recordings in the big lecture rooms which have the recording equipment present or to reserve the recording of a serie of lectures. Please find the application forms at the UvA site (in Dutch):


See for more information about Webcollege service at (in Dutch): https://medewerker.uva.nl/fnwi/az/item/webcolleges...

After the lecture is taken you will receive the URL of the weblecture. A weblecture is a combination of the video of the lecturer and the slides (e.g. Powerpoint) used in the lecture.

Contact information support Webcolleges Science Park (Audiovisuele dienst Science Park)
E-mail: av-sciencepark-fs@uva.nl
Phone: (020-525) 7913

Questions about UvA Webcolleges
E-mail: webcolleges@uva.nl
Phone: 020 525 2800

Beside Weblectures (Webcolleges) using standard UvA equipment and tools such as Mediasite there are also other possibilities to record lectures or to make knowledge clips (See also in Starfish).


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