Associate professor Galina Seitmagzimova

Expertise in interactive lecturing, group and project based learning and practical work instruction.

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About Galina Seitmagzimova

Affiliation: M. Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University, Republic of Kazakhstan

Dr. Galina Seitmagzimova has been an Associate Professor at the department of “Technological Processes and Apparatuses” at M. Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University since 1994 and teach students in several disciplines in English (as a foreign language): “General chemical technology”, “Technology of mineral acids” and “Technology of mineral salts and fertilizers”. She continuously improves the teaching methodology and introduce innovative training methods: virtual laboratory works, group projects, student portfolio, workbook.

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Relevant publications about university teaching and learning

  • Seitmagzimova G.M., Dzhanmuldayeva Zh.K. (2012) The methodical instructions for independent student work performance on the disciplines "General Chemical Technology" and “Technology of basic productions”. - Shymkent: М. Auezov SKSU, 2012, 32 p.
  • Seitmagzimova G.M., Dzhanmuldayeva Zh.K. (2009) The methodical instruction for the learning game “CTS Models development and justification of optimal technological mode” on the discipline "General Chemical Technology". - Shymkent: М. Auezov SKSU, 2009. - 16p.
  • Seitmagzimova G.M., Dzhanmuldayeva Zh.K. (2008) The methodical instruction for the virtual laboratory work «Caustification of soda solution» on the discipline “General chemical technology”. – Shymkent, M.Auezov SKSU, 2008.- 16p.
  • Seitmagzimova G.M.,  Seitmagzimova Zh.A., Nazarbekova S.P., Dzhanmuldayeva Zh.K. (2007) Creation of virtual laboratory work on chemical technology. – ХVIII Mendeleyev congress on general and applied chemistry. Moscow, 2007, September, 23-29.

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