Sander Latour

Knowledge and experience in learning analytics and online course design. Member ICTO-FNWI MT.

About Sander Latour

I think about the problems that next generations will face. That lifelong process entails trying to understand the mechanics of society and attempting to use those fragments of understanding to make a difference. I am by no means asserting to have achieved either, but I feel it is important to continue pursuing both nonetheless.

At the moment I am particularly interested in creating world-wide collaborative innovation to massively accelerate the process of finding solutions to the problems we face. I perceive the education system and the economy around ideas to be important components of that concept. The education system because it can wake up or put to sleep the innovative capabilities of humans and the economy because it can let ideas interact or isolate them.

Although my discussions and thoughts concern all of the aspects described above, most of my actions currently concern the education system. In particular, I am part of the Learning Analytics community with the goal of moving towards more personalized learning by providing more timely and detailed information about the learning process to teacher and students, but without many of the organizational restrictions that are forced upon them in current formal education settings.

There are various media through which I attempt to contribute. I give talks about these topics on symposia for various audiences. I’m involved in innovation projects in higher education and conduct research on technology-enhanced learning. And I support others, both commercial and noncommercial, by providing my feedback and ideas.

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