Associate professor Dragica Trivić

Expertise in group work, collaborative learning, quality assurance, pedagogical theoretical issues.

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About Dragica Trivić

Affiliation: University of Belgrade Faculty of Chemistry, Serbia

Dragica Trivić is associate professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry. Her fields are chemistry education, scientific literacy, pre-service chemistry teacher education, continuing professional development, teaching/learning methods, standards of students' achievements, standards of textbook quality.

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Relevant publications about university teaching and learning

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  • Šišović, D. & Bošković, D. (2005). Interdisciplinary instructional approach to the theme "Air, Water, Soil and Food Pollution and Its Prevention" in seventh grade, Journal of Science Education (REC), 6, 2, 100-102.
  • Trivić, D. & Randjelović, M. (2007). Fireworks on school bench, Journal of Science Education (REC), 8, 2, 96-99.
  • Tomašević, B. & Trivić, D. (2012). Planning chemistry lesson and the indicators of learning process of chemistry. Journal of Science Education, 13, 1, 32-34

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