Prof.Dr. Miltiades (Milt) Karayannis

Expertise in reasearch based, problem based, analogy based teaching, labs, and quality assurance

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About Miltiades (Milt) Karayannis

Affiliation: Emeritus Professor of Analytical Chemistry at University of Ioannina, Greece

Prof. Karayannis worked for many years on the development of Analytical Methods based on Electrochemistry, Kinetic Methods of Analysis, Spectroscopic Methods, Chemical- and Biosensors, Environmental Analysis and Chromatographic Analysis. His research was supported and funded by many European and National sources.

Teaching Expertiese

For more than thirty years Prof. Karayannis has trained more than 5000 students lecturing on all fields of Analytical Chemistry (Qualitative-, Quantitative-, Instrumental Analysis) Chemical Instrumentation, Environmental Analytical Methods, Statistical Methods of Analysis and Chemometrics.

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Relevant publications about university teaching and learning

  • Papastathopoulos, D.S. and Karayannis, M.I. (1980) Construction and Evaluation of a Solid State Iodide Selective Electrode, J.Chem.Educ., 57, 904.
  • Giokas, D.L., Siskos, P.A. and Karayannis, M.I. (2001), Environmental Education and Research In Greece, Environmental Science and Pollution Research (ESPR), 8 (4), 289-294.
  • Salzer, R., Mitchell, T., Mimero, P., Karayannis, M., Efstathiou, C., Smith, A., Valcarcel, M. (2005), Analytical chemistry in the European higher education area, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 381: 33–40.
  • Karayannis, M.I.  and Efstathiou, C.E. (2011) Self-assessment and controlled examination in analytical chemistry by the use of the EChemTest, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 400, 3181-3185.
  • Karayannis, M.I., Efstathiou, C.E. (2012) Significant steps in the evolution of analytical chemistry—Is the today’s analytical chemistry only chemistry?, TALANTA, 102, 7-15.

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