Mr. Suresh Ramsuroop

Expertise in practical work (labs), work based learning (internship), problem based learning, project based learning, quality assurance

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About Suresh Ramsuroop

Affiliation: Durban University of Technology, South Africa

I am fiercely proud of being a chemical engineer and an educator. 
I view teaching as the greatest possible chance to lead by example and to inspire.  My ultimate teaching and mentoring goal is to ignite students’ belief in their own potential.

I believe that the student’s motivational level is greatly influenced by the motivational level that I project during my engagement with the students. This projection is evident from: depth and width of knowledge of subject matter, relating lectures to real working environment, including learning activities that engage the students as active learners, and the enthusiasm shown for the subject matter.

Teaching interests
I am keen to engage with colleagues who share a passion for creating an active learning environment that facilitates the holistic development of knowledge, skills and values. In particular, the development of "real" engineering skills.

The learning environment I create for students is intended to develop and foster a deep approach to learning. In order to facilitate a deep approach to learning the development of skills and values., I ensure that in all my subjects I include activities in which my learners will have to engage actively in the learning process. Hence extensive use is made of problem based and project based learning activities that require a wide range and levels of learning.

Other areas of interest include curriculum design and quality aassurance and promotion.

Relevant publications about university teaching and learning

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  • S. Ramsuroop (2006) Assessment Dilemmas in Chemical Engineering Education, South African Chemical Engineering Congress, September 2006.
  • Meeting the Challenges in Chemical Engineering Higher Education. Compiled and edited by S. Ramsuroop. ISBN 978-0-620-43516-1. 2009  (150 pages).
  • S. Ramsuroop (2011) Developing Engineering Conceptual Competencies in Chemical Engineering Students through Socially Relevant DIY Projects., South African Society for Engineering Education Congress, South Africa, 2011.
  • S. Ramsuroop and S. Vallabh (2011) Constructive Alignment of Laboratory Instruction in Chemical Engineering at the Durban University of Technology. South African So-ciety for Engineering Education Congress, South Africa, 2011.

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