Prof. Ameen Farouk Fahmy

Expertise in practical work (labs), group work (collaborative learning), problem based learning, test based learning

About Ameen Farouk Fahmy

Affiliation: Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, Egypt

I'm an emeritus professor of Organic Chemistry. My interest in chemical education is Systemic Approach to Teaching and Learning Chemistry [SATLC] and Systemic Assessment to Assess the Student Learning outcomes. See also: http://www.satlcentral.com/ 

I'm interested in SATL and Multiple Intelligencies in outdoor activities in Chemistry and in Systemic Objective Tests [SOT].

Relevant publications about university teaching and learning

  • Fahmy, A. F. M., Lagowski, J. J; (2003) Systemic Reform in Chemical Education An International Perspective, J. Chem. Edu. 80 (9), 1078. 
  • Lagowski, J.J. and Fahmy, A.F.M. (2011) The systemic approach to teaching and learning, [SATL]: A 10- year’s review, AJCE,1(1) 29-47. 
  • Fahmy,AFM,Lagowski,JJ (2012) SATLC- Initiative: Uses of SATL & Multiple intelligences [MI] For Tertiary Level: Part-I: Benzene Structure Activity, 22 ICCE&11 ECRICE, Rome, July 15-20, 2012. AJCE, 3 (1) 60-73 (2013).
  • Fahmy, A.F.M.andLagowski, J.J. ; Systemic Multiple Choice Questions in Chemistry, Chemical Education International Vol. 3 (2006/2008 (2006/2008)
  • Fahmy, A.F.M., and .Lagowski, J.J. (2012) Systemic assessment as a new tool for assessing students learning in Chemistry using SATL methods: Systemic true false [STFQs] and systemic sequencing [SSQs] question types, AJCE. 2(2)66-78.

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