Prof. RNDR., CSc. Hana Čtrnáctová

Expertise in interactive lecturing, labs, context based learning, evidence based research in teaching and learning

About Hana Čtrnáctová

Affiliation: Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

I work at the Department of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry at this Faculty, where I'm engaged in the education of future secondary school teachers of chemistry.

The most important research activities are: selection and structuralization of chemistry subject matter, creation of curricular documents, chemistry textbooks, didactic and methodic materials for chemistry teachers, chemistry teaching materials, computer programs and use of current technologies in chemical education, theory and practice of the use of experiments in chemical education, sets of chemical experiments for primary, secondary and tertiary education, chemical experiments and computers, theory and practice of chemical task creation, workbooks and task sets for chemical education, didactical tests and their statistical processing.

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Relevant publications about teaching and learning chemistry (secondary school)

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