Heinz A. Krebs

Expertise in technology enhanced teaching and learning

About Heinz A. Krebs

Affiliation: Faculty of Chemistry, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Although the times of active teaching and supervision in the fields of organic chemistry are over, I'm still heavily engaged in the topic of learning and teaching, mainly with the respect of computer assisted methods. At the Vienna University of Technology (Austria) I developed a large-scale online tool, which helps students to get information needed for their laboratory courses. This includes gathering working procedures and submission of results of experiments, and was extended in the last time with tools for teachers and technicians (automatic generation of filecards for students, management of borrowed or broken labware items, statistical interpretations of results).

In addition I'm responsible for the EChemTest-Testing centre in Vienna with more than 500 tests per year.

Besides the university job I'm running a company on several kinds of IT-services (standard providing techniques like WEB/Mail/Database-Implementations and -Hosting, especially for Chemists) as well as conference organization (from online submission&registration to the printed conference proceedings).

And I am an active member of the European Chemistry Thematic Network working groups.

Recent publication about university teaching and learning

J. Fröhlich, H. Krebs, J. Lohninger, F. Untersteiner, P. Gärtner: "iChemEdu - the e-Learning concept of the Faculty of Technical Chemistry at the Vienna University of Technology"; ZIDline, 2005 (2005), 12; S. 24 - 28.

J. Fröhlich, H. Krebs, F. Untersteiner, A. Riganelli, A. Lagana: "New Modules for iChemEdu: the iChemLab Expetiment Editor and the iChemLab Virtual Glassware Connector"; Vortrag: COST D23 Multimedia and Elchem Workshop, Thessaloniki, Greece (eingeladen); 03.05.2005; in: "Elchem and Multimedia Workshop - ECTN Annual Conference", (2005), S. 3 - 4.

J. Fröhlich, H. Krebs, F. Untersteiner, P. Gärtner: "e-Assessment in der Chemie im lokalen (iChemExam) und europäischen Bereich (EChemTest)";
Vortrag: Business Meeting Forum Neue Medien, Wien, Österreich; 02.12.2004 - 03.12.2004; in: "9.Buisiness-Meeting des Vereins fnm-austria", (2004).

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