Prof. Eric Schaer

Expertise in problem and project based learning

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About Eric Schaer

Affiliation: ENSIC - Lorraine University, France

Professor in chemical engineering, researches in catalytic and heterogeneous reactions.
Member of the Working Party Education of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. Member of the Working Party Education of the French Society of Process Engineering.

Relevant publications about university teaching and learning

  • E. SCHAER, C. ROIZARD, N. CHRISTMANN & A. LEMAITRE (2006)"Development and utilization of an e-learning course on heat exchangers at ENSIC" Transaction of the IChemE Part D, Education for Chemical Engineers, 1, pp 82-89.
  • E. FAVRE V. FALK, C. ROIZARD, E. SCHAER (2008) "Trends in chemical engineering education: Process, product and sustainable chemical engineering challenges", Education for Chemical Engineers, 3, pp 22-27.

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