Dr. Christine O'Connor

Expertise in teaching design of context and project based learning

About Christine O'Connor

Affiliation: Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

I am a Chemistry third level lecturer teaching first year to final year for over 14 years. I  have a PG Cert and PG Diploma in Third Level Learning and Teaching. I am currently persuing an MSc in Applied e-Learning part time.

Teaching interests
My teaching interests are implementing innovative teaching methods and ICT to support chemistry learning and teaching at third level. In particular I am interested in scaffolding the transition from second level into thrid level. I have exeperience in design/ implementation and evaluation of context/ project based laboratories. More recently I am looking at the use of on-line assessment processes for formative feedback with large first year class groups using PeerWise and the VLE. I have experience with wiki's, discussion boards and other interactive mechanisms. I am happy to share and learn from others.

Relevant publications about university teaching and learning

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  • Christine O’Connor, Claire McDonnell, Michael Seery, (2007) ‘Continuous Improvement in e-Learning:  Investigating the Effect and Impact of Our WebCT Chemistry Support Initiative (CSI) and Implications for Further Enhancement of the Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) Developed’, EdTech 2007, conference proceedings, May 2007.
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