Dr. Samantha Pugh

Expertise in course development and employer engagement

About Samantha Pugh

Affiliation: University of Leeds, United Kingdom

I am a University Student Education Fellow, with extensive experience in leading change, course development, teaching and employer engagement in Higher Education. I am developing a profile in pedagogical research in Physical Sciences, with a particular focus on student owned learning, employer engagement and project management.
I co-lead the Leeds Enhancing Educational Practice (LEEP) Network, the National STEM (Pedagogic Research (STEMPedR) Group and the Leeds Pedagogical Research in Science and Mathematics (PRiSM).

Relevant publications about university teaching and learning

Pugh, S.L. and Grove, M.J. (2014) Establishing Industrial Advisory Boards using a Practice Transfer Model, New Directions, HEA, http://bit.ly/1eguKaa

Pugh, S. L. (2012) Approaches to Peer Assisted Learning in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, HEA STEM Annual Conference Proceedings, April, ISBN 978-1-907207-45-7, HE Academy, http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/stem-conference/physical-sciences

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