Prof. Dr. Leo Gros

Experise in transnational and trans-level mobility of students

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About Leo Gros

Affiliation: Hochschule Fresenius Idstein, Germany

Apart from teaching, I have been active and interested in Bologna Reform policy and served as a consultant in this field.
Moreover, I have two main fields of interest:

  • horizontal, i.e. transnational mobility (placement of students in companies, research institutes and University research goups abroad
  • vertical, i.e. trans-level mobility from one level (mainly vocational and dual industry education) to the next (technician training, university)

Teaching interests
mainly Analytical Chemistry including basics (understanding structure-property-relationships, chemistry in aqueous solutions, wet chemistry operations, spectroscopy with a focus on atom spectroscopy) and Polymer Science

Relevant publications about teaching and learning in higher education

  • K. Adams, L. Gros, R. Wallace: Learning from Industry and Employment. In: I. Eilks, B. Byers (Editors): Innovative Methods in Teaching and Learning Chemistry in Higher Education.  RSC Publishing 2009:191-214. ISBN 9781847559586. DOI: 10.1039/9781847559524
  • Gros,L. A Flexible Life Long Learning Toolbox for Chemists. Vocational and University Education with Mobility Elements. 38th IGIP Symposium, Sept. 6-9, Graz, Austria, 2009. p. 82-84.
  • Gros L., Drasar, P., Frankowicz, M., Maciejowska, I., Wallace, R., Equipping Secondary School Teachers with the Tools for Inspiring the Next Generation of Young Chemists. Proceedings of the 2nd European Variety in Chemistry Education, Prague 2007: 272-275. ISBN 978-80-86561-85-1
  • Gros L.: Why Do I Teach Wet Chemistry? Problem Solving Skills Learnt With and Practical Applications of Classical Analytical Chemistry. In: Engineering Education – The Priority for Global Development. 35th International IGIP Symposium in cooperation with IEEE / ASEE / SEFI, 2006–09–18, Tallinn, Estonia, p. 389-397
  • Cooke M., Gros L., Horz M., Zeller W. (editors): Chemical Education for a Competitive and Dynamic Europe. Components of a European House of Chemical Education: Situation – good practice – recommendations. Impuls Nr. 16. Editor: Nationale Agentur Bildung für Europa beim Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung, Bonn 2005. ISBN 3-88555-764-9

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