Mustafa Tuysuz

Experitise in teacher education

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About Mustafa Tuysuz

Affiliation: Ataturk University, Turkey

My principal research interests in “Teacher Education (PCK)”, “Teaching Methods( especially 5E learning Cycle, Multiple Intelligence)”, “Project-Based Learning”, “Development Instruments”, “Interdisciplinary Teaching”, “Macroscopic, microscopic and symbolic dimensions of chemistry teaching and education”, “Nature of Science”, “Chemical Laboratories of education and training” Technology, STEM Education

Teaching Interests
Teaching method, STEM Education, PCK, Technology

Relevant publications in chemistry teaching (preservice teachers)

  1. Oktay Bektas, Betul Ekiz, Mustafa Tuysuz, Elif Selcan Kutucu, Aysegul Tarkin ve  Esen Uzuntiryaki-Kondakci Pre-service chemistry teachers' pedagogical content knowledge of the nature of science in the particle nature of matter. CHEM. EDUC. RES. PRACT 14, 201-213.
  2. Sevgi Aydın, Betül Demirdogen, Ayşegül Tarkin, Elif Selcan Kutucu, Betül Ekiz, Fatma Nur Akın, Mustafa Tuysuz, Esen Uzuntuiryaki-Kondakci  (2013) “Providing a Set of Research-Based Practices to Support Preservice Teachers’ Long-Term Professional Development as Learners of Science Teaching” "Science Education” Volume 97, Issue 6, pages 903–935, November 2013. 
  3. Mustafa TUYSUZ, D Yıldıran, N DemirciWhat is the motivation difference between university students and high school students? Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 2 (2), 1543-1548
  4. M Tuysuz, B Ekiz, O Bektas, E Uzuntiryaki, A Tarkin, ES Kutucu Pre-service chemistry teachers’ understanding of phase changes and dissolution at macroscopic, symbolic, and microscopic levels. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 15, 452-455
  5. Tuysuz, Mustafa, Bektas, Oktay & Geban, Omer, (2014) “Investigating Pre-service Physics and Chemistry Teachers’ Conceptual Integration between Physics and Chemistry”. 87th NARST Annual International Conference , Pittsburgh, USA. , 30 March-02 April, 2014.

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