Dr Sevil Akaygun

Expertise in teacher education

About Sevil Akaygun

Affiliation: Bogazici University, Turkey

Visualization, Using ICT in chemical education, nanoscience education, chemistry teacher education, STEM education.

Relevant publications in chemistry teaching (preservice teachers)

  • Akaygun, S. & Jones, L. L. (2014). Words or Pictures: A comparison of written and pictorial explanations of physical and chemical equilibrium. International Journal of Science Education, 36(5), 783-807.
  • Blonder, R., Parchmann, I., Akaygun, S., & Albe, V. (2014). Nanoeducation: Zooming into teacher professional development programs in nanotechnology in four European countries. In C. Bruguière, A. Tiberghien, & P. Clément (Eds.), Topics and trends in current science education. (pp. 159-174), Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.
  • Akaygun, S. & Jones, L. L. (2014). Animation or Simulation: Investigating the Importance of Interactivity for Learning Solubility Equilibria. In J. P. Suits & M. J. Sanger, (Eds.) Pedagogic Roles of Animations and Simulations in Chemistry Courses, (pp. 127-159), Washington, DC: Oxford University Press.
  • Akaygun, S. & Jones, L. L. (2014). How Does Level of Guidance Affect Understanding When Students Use a Dynamic Simulation of Liquid-Vapor Equilibrium? In I. Devetak, & S. A. Glazar, (Eds), Learning with understanding in the chemistry classroom, (pp. 243-263), Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.
  • Akaygun, S. & Jones, L. L. (2013). Research-based design and development of a simulation of liquid–vapor equilibrium. Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 14, 324-344.

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