Assist. Prof. Dr. Betul Demirdogen

Expertise in Evidence based research in teaching and learning

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About Betul Demirdogen

Affiliation: Bulent Ecevit University, Turkey

I am intensively interested in science teacher education, especially, pedagogical content knowledge. Also, I do research on nature of science.

Recent publications in teaching and learning (pre-service teachers)

  1. Aydın, S., Demırdogen, B., Tarkın, A., Kutucu, S., Ekız, B., Akın, F. N., Tuysuz, M., & Uzuntiryaki, E. (2013). Providing a Set of Research‐Based Practices to Support Preservice Teachers’ Long‐Term Professional Development as Learners of Science Teaching. Science Education, 97(6), 903-935.
  2. Aydin, S., Demirdöğen, B., & Muslu, N., & Hanuscin, D. L. (2013). Professional Journals as a Source of PCK for Teaching Nature of Science: An Examination of Articles Published in The Science Teacher (an NSTA Journal), 1996-2010. Journal of Science Teacher Education, doi: 10.1007/s10972-013-9345-0 
  3. Aydin, S., Demirdogen, B., & Tarkin, A. (2012). Are they efficacious? Exploring pre-service teachers' teaching efficacy beliefs during practicum. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 21(1).203-213 (SSCI’da indexli). 
  4. Elmas, R., Demirdogen, B., & Geban, Ö., (2011). Preservice chemistry teachers’ images about science teaching in their future classrooms. Hacettepe Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi, 40: 164-175. 
  5. Çapa Aydin, Y. , Uzuntiryaki, E., & Demirdöğen, B. (2011). Interplay of motivational and cognitive strategies in predicting self-efficacy and anxiety, Educational Psychology, 31(1), 55-66.

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