Associate Professor Mauro Mocerino

Expertise in interactive lecturing, labs, group learning and pedagogical issues

About Mauro Mocerino

Affiliation: Faculty of Science and Engineering, Curtin University, Australia

I am an Associate Professor at Curtin University and have research interests in chemistry education and in supramolecular chemistry. I have a strong interest in enhancing the learning in laboratory classes and have led the development of a professional development program for those who teach in laboratories. I am a co-editor of the Australian Journal of Education in Chemistry and co-author of the leading first year chemistry text in Australia and NZ.

My education interests include: enhancing learning in laboratory classes; active learning strategies for lectures; POGIL (process orientated guided inquiry learning); application of group work in classes; first year teaching; organic chemistry and spectroscopy.

Relevant publications about teaching and learning chemistry

  • Chittleborough, G., Mocerino, M. & Treagust, D. F. (2007). Achieving greater feedback and flexibility through the use of online pre-laboratory exercises with non-major chemistry students. J.Chem. Educ., 84, 884-888.
  • Chandrasegaran, A. L., Treagust, D. F. & Mocerino, M. (2007). The development of a two-tier multiple-choice diagnostic instrument for evaluating secondary school students’ ability to describe and explain chemical reactions using multiple levels of representation. Chem. Educ. Res. Pract., 8, 293-307.
  • Bucat, R. & Mocerino, M. (2009). Learning at the sub-micro level: Structural representations. In J.K. Gilbert and D.F. Treagust (Eds), Multiple Representations in Chemical Education, 2009, part I, 11-29.
  • Chandrasegaran, A. L., Treagust, D. F. & Mocerino, M. (2009). Emphasizing Multiple Levels of Representation To Enhance Students’ Understandings of the Changes Occurring during Chemical Reactions. J. Chem. Educ., 86, 1433-1436.
  • Bartle, E. K., Dook, J. & Mocerino, M. (2011). Attitudes of tertiary students towards a group project in a science unit. Chem. Educ. Res. Pract., 12, 303-313.

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