Dr Michal Wozniakiewicz

Expertise in interactive lecturing, problem and context based learning and labs

About Michal Wozniakiewicz

Affiliation: Laboratory for Forensic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland

Michał Woźniakiewicz was graduated MSc (in 2003) and PhD (with honours, in 2008) in analytical and forensic chemistry at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He works as Assistant Professor and heads the Laboratory for Forensic Chemistry at Jagiellonian University. He develops separation techniques coupled to MS for toxicological and forensic purposes and participates in scientific and educational projects. He is a member of Polish Chemical Society and a participant of the Eurolecturer Label.

Teaching interests
I am interested in developing my skills as the Analytical Laboratory Teacher also with supporting Labs by e-learning tools.

Relevant publications about university teaching and learning

  • Maciejowska I., Wietecha-Posłuszny R., Woźniakiewicz  M., Kościelniak P., Application Of Case Study And Role-Playing  In Forensic Chemistry And Analytical Chemistry Education. Students’, Graduates’ And Teachers’ Point Of View, [in:] Active learning and Understanding in the Chemistry Classroom, Devetak, I., Glazar, S. (Eds.), Springer, (2014), 287-304.
  • Maciejowska I., Wietecha-Posłuszny R., Woźniakiewicz M., Role play and other "active methods" in university education. How to organise it, how to assess?, Scientific Papers University of Latvia. (2011). Vol. 778. Chemistry. pp.145-153.

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