Prof. Dr Arne van der Gen

Expertise in interactive teaching, context-, problem- and research learning and quality assurance

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About Arne van der Gen

 Affiliation: Leiden University, The Netherlands

Before going to the University, I was in charge of the Chemistry Laboratory at Naarden International (now Givaudan) a company in Flavours and Fragrances.
The research in my group at Leiden University was directed at two topics:

  1. The development of new synthetic methods, in particular based on the Horner-Wittig reaction using diphenylphosphine oxides and
  2. The use of enzymes in organic synthesis, in particular the enzyme oxynitrilase from almonds, to produce enantiopure building blocks.

This resulted in more than 150 papers in international scientific journals,as well as numerous chapters in books.

Xenobiotics. The fate of foreign compounds in the human body. With special emphasis on metabolic products that can interact with DNA and thereby cause mutations and possibly cancer.

Although I am not shy of using modern methods of communication, I am also aware of the dangers of providing to much information in a short timespan. Where appropriate, I prefer to explain a subject by presenting a classical "chalk talk".

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