Dr. Bill Byers

Expertise in interactive teaching, independent learning methods, learning outcomes, constructive alignment

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About Bill Byers

Affiliation: Ulster University, United Kingdom

Bill Byers taught chemistry on a variety of courses from sub-degree to postgraduate level to a wide range of stu­dents studying many disciplines for over 40 years. He has continued teaching, researching and examining part-time since retiring as a senior lecturer in Chemistry at the University of Ulster (United Kingdom) at the end of 2008.He is an active member of the European Chemistry Thematic Network and its working groups.

Teaching Interests
Inorganic Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Group Theory, Environmental Chemistry, Occupational Hygiene and Health and Safety.

Teaching Expertise
Incomplete Hand-outs, Questioning, Audience Response Systems, Open-ended experiments, Group Laboratory Classes, Context and Problem Based Learning, Traditional Group Work, Case Studies, Role play, Study Diaries, General Pedagogy, Reflection and Metacognition, Learning Outcomes and Constructive Alignment.

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Relevant publications about university teaching and learning

  • Byers, B., (2011). Using ‘Learning Logs’ to promote the development of self-regulated learners. Journal of Science Education, 12, 28-31.
  • Eilks, I. and Byers, B., (2010). The need for innovative methods of teaching and learning chemistry in higher education - Reflections from a project of the European Thematic Network, Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 11, 233-240.
  • Byers, B., (2007). ECTN (The European Chemistry Thematic Network): Promoting Cooperation, Harmony, Synergy and Innovation throughout the EC, Proceedings of the 2nd European Variety in Chemical Education Conference, (Prague), 216 – 220.
  • Byers, B., (2007). Opening the Portal to Self-regulated Learning: Using Learning Logs to Develop Metacognitive Skills, Proceedings of the 41st IUPAC Congress, (Turin), 242.
  • Byers, W. and Wilkins, H. (2005), The Midwich Cuckoos revisited: promoting learning through peer group work, Proceedings of the Science Learning and Teaching Conference (University of Warwick), 90-95.

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