Dr Sally Jordan

Expertise in University Physics Education

About Sally Jordan

Affiliation: The Open University, United Kingdom

Head of Open University Department of Physical Sciences.

Principal research interests:

  • Factors affecting student engagement with assessment (in particular e-assessment) and feedback;
  • The appropriate use of sophisticated e-assessment items, in particular short-answer free-text questions, and the reasons for the limited take-up of items of this type;
  • Students' conceptual understanding in mathematics and physics, including the use of concept inventories and demographic differences in attainment.

Recent publications about university teaching and learning

  • Jordan, S. (2014). Adult science learners’ mathematical mistakes: an analysis of student responses to computer-marked questions. European Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 2(2), 63-87.
  • Jordan, S. (2013). E-assessment: past, present and future. New Directions, 9(1), 87-106.
  • Jordan, S. (2012). Student engagement with assessment and feedback: some lessons from short-answer free-text e-assessment questions. Computers & Education, 58(2), 818-834.
  • Butcher, P. & Jordan, S. (2010). A comparison of human and computer marking of short free-text student responses. Computers & Education, 55(2), 489-499.
  • Jordan, S. & Mitchell, T. (2009). E-assessment for learning? The potential of short free-text questions with tailored feedback. British Journal of Educational Technology, 40(2), 371-385.

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