Dr. Claire McDonnell

Expertise in interactive teaching, technology enhanced learning, problem based learning

About Claire McDonnell

Affiliation: Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

I have been an organic chemistry lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) since 2000, before which I worked in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. I have particular interests in context and problem-based learning, community-based learning and research, the application of online tools to support student learning and collaboration, student transition to third level and the integration of teaching and research. I am currently on a 3 year secondment to the Learning Teaching and Technology Centre in DIT.

Recent publications about university teaching and learning

  • C Mc Donnell, PM Ennis and L Shoemaker (2011), ‘Now for the science bit: Implementing community-based learning in chemistry’, Education + Training, 53 (2/3), 218 – 236.
  • N Brouwer and C Mc Donnell (2009), ‘Online Support & Online Assessment for Teaching and Learning Chemistry’, chapter in Innovative Methods in University Chemistry Teaching, B Byers and I. Eilks (Eds), 123-152, RSC Publishing.
  • T Cunningham, C McDonnell, B McIntyre & T Mc Kenna (2008), “A Reflection on Teachers’ Experience as E-Learners”, chapter in Applied E-Learning and E-Teaching in Higher Education, R. Donnelly and F. Mc Sweeney (Eds), Information Science Reference, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • C Mc Donnell, C O’Connor and MK Seery (2007), ‘Developing Practical Chemistry Skills By Means of Student-Driven Problem Based Learning Mini-projects’, Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 8(2), 130 - 139.

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