Dr. Michael Seery

Expertise in interactive lecturing and laboratory teaching

About Michael Seery

Affiliation: Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

I am a lecturer in chemistry with interests in blended learning and laboratory education.

Recent publications about university teaching and learning

  • M. K. Seery* and R. Donnelly, (2012) The implementation of pre-lecture resources to reduce in-class cognitive load: A case study for higher education chemistry, British Journal of Educational Technology, 43(4), 2012 667–677.
  • M. K. Seery (2012), Moving an in-class module online: a case study for chemistry, Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 13 (1), 39 – 46. 
  • M. K. Seery*, (2009) The Role of Prior Knowledge in Undergraduate Performance in Chemistry – A Correlation-Prediction Study, Chemistry Education Research and Practice,  10. 227 – 232.
  • T. L. Overton, B. Byers and M. K. Seery, (2009) Context- and Problem-based Learning in Higher Level Chemistry Education, in Innovative Methods in Teaching and Learning Chemistry in Higher Education, I. Eilks and B. Byers (Eds.), RSC: London, 2009.
  • C Mc Donnell, C O’Connor and MK Seery*, (2007) Developing practical chemistry skills by means of student-driven problem based learning mini-projects, Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 8(2), 130 – 139.

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