Prof. Gustavo Avitabile

Expertise in e-learning, with emphasis on Science and Chemistry; science for the general public

About Gustavo Avitabile

Affiliation: University Federico II of Naples, Italy

Gustavo Avitabile is Associate Prof. of Macromolecular Chemistry at Department of Chemistry, Universita' di Napoli Federico II, Italy. He is retired in 2012. He is an active member of the European Chemistry Thematic Network and its working groups.

His research field associated with teaching and learning is application of ICT techniques in learning, especially in learning Sciences and focusing on Chemistry. He joined his deep ICT literacy and his constant interest in learning problems. He has systematically experimented and critically evaluated different methods in Computer Assisted Learning, following the evolution of computer technology and market. 

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Publications about teaching and learning

  • Avitabile, G., Caruso, U., Maglio, G., Merlino, A., Picone, D. (2008), Introducing chemistry to the general public: a web site, 9th ECRICE, Istanbul 2008, p. 25.
  • A website about chemistry for the general public:  G. Avitabile, U. Caruso, G. Maglio, A. Merlino, D. Picone What is Chemistry?
  • Aronne, A., Avitabile, G. Di Serio, M., Saiello, S. (2005), The Pr.O.F. project: orienting late High School students to University methodology in Chemistry and other Sciences, Elchem and Multimedia Workshop, ECTN Annual Conference, Thessalonikii 2005, p. 1
  • Textbook for the primary school (contribution): Unità Funzionale Vulcanologia e Petrologia, Osservatorio Vesuviano, INGV Napoli (2003) "Dicchi e Pomix alla scoperta dei vulcani" (Two boys discover volcanoes), Napoli 2003.
  • CD: Valenti, R., Avitabile, G. (2003), Textus, A CD annexed to the textbook of Latin for High School, La Nuova Italia, Firenze 2003.

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