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STEM Continuous Professional Development at European Universities - STEM-CPD@EUni

Motivation for this project

Fast development of science and technology knowledge is strongly connected to complex social quests. To cope with these developments and to assure sustainable quality of teaching and learning in higher education (HE) natural sciences courses (STEM courses, STEM means: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (Education)), a STEM oriented lifelong continuous professional development (CPD) of lecturers in their local context is needed. The activities of the new project aim at integrating technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge in teaching and developing approaches to use technology to teach concepts in a way that enhances student learning experiences.


During the three years of the STEM-CPD@EUni project, two summer schools will be organised for lecturers who will organise chemistry-oriented CPD activities in their faculty. Following the summer school these lecturers will become CPD-Ambassadors. The activities of CPD-Ambassadors will increase the quality of teaching at their faculties and beyond by knowledge sharing in the higher education STEM-CPD community that will be build during the project. The activities developed by the CPD-Ambassadors will have a character of train-the-trainer. Their approach will embrace co-creation, peer-learning and knowledge sharing based on the principles of the community of inquiry. The CPD-Ambassadors will generate the foundation to reach sustainability of continuous professional development of teaching staff in STEM education at European universities.

Project leaders: Iwona Maciejowska, Jagiellonian University (Poland)
UvA Team: Stefania Grecea (local project leader, HIMS Institute), Bob Pirok (HIMS), Jocelyne Vreede (HIMS), Natasa Brouwer (FNWI TLC)

Start project: September 1 2020

End project: August 31 2023

Funding: EU, Erasmus+, Strategic Partnership


Downloads (project report or extra information): Position paper

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