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Motivation for this project

In the course Bio-organic chemistry, biochemistry and cell biology (Bachelor Biomedical Sciences) students use for learning mathematics various online resources in different systems (SOWISO, Khan Academy, UvA learning environment). Can learning analytics give us more insight in how students learn? How can learning analytics help students to improve learning? 

The research questions of this project are:

  • Helps a comprehensive dashboard the student to develop a more active attitude to study which leads to a better study success?


In this project a comprehensive student dashboard COACH (Constructive Overview Aggregating Comparative Hits) is developed which gives each individual student an opportunity to continuously follow his or her learning behavior in relation to the group and personal hints on learning behavior. It is expected that through this dashboard more students will sooner start working on tasks and use more learning material in different learning environments which will improve their success rate. To measure the effect of comprehensive learning analytics dashboard COACH only half of the students which are randomly selected can use the dashboard.


The more specific questions which will be addressed in this project are:

  • What is the added value of a comprehensive dashboard above the tool oriented dashboards of the online learning applications?
  • Changes the intensity of the use of digital learning materials during the course when students use COACH ?
  • Do the students who use COACH change their study behavior and if so how?
  • Helps the student dashboard the students in risk to change their own study behavior to improve their study success?

Project leader: André Heck

Funding: SURF

Start Project: July 2013

End project: April 2014

Budget: 18.000 euro

Download: COACH project proposal COACH_UvA-FNWI_SURF_LA2013.pdf

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