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Motivation for this project

Voting in teaching in a pedagogical sound way can improve the quality of learning by students. There is already a group lecturers at the Faculty of Science who apply voting in their teaching with very good results. This group is still to small and should be bigger.


This project made ​​it possible for the Faculty of Science lecturers to get started with voting in teaching in a pedagogical sound way. The goals of this project were to exchange the experiences of the lecturers who are using voting in teaching and to prepare the necessary information for the FNWI teaching staff about how to use the voting tools and where to find them.
During the project a practice oriented workshop for lecturers about the use of voting in teaching was organized twice. The teaching methods, the experiences by lecturers and the practical issues about the voting tools which are available (licence) or are free were discussed, such as TurningPoint clickers and online voting system Shakespreak. This workshop will be organized again in the next years in the BKO program. Two student assistants provided the individual technical support to the lecturers-participants during the project. The experience with this approach was very good.
In Smart Voting each individual participating lecturer worked on his or her individual grassroots project in which he or she redesigned teaching and applied voting and tried it out in own teaching practice.

Project leaders: Astrid Janmaat, Natasa Brouwer

Start project: September 2012

End project: October 2013

Funding: University of Amsterdam, Grassroots programme

Budget: 10.000 euro

Download project report: Evaluatieverslag Grassroots 2012_NBrouwer_FNWI.pdf

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