Course Attendance Registration: Digitalized (CARD)

Posted by @TimoHalbesma on Oct. 4, 2015, 2:42 p.m. Contact: @TimoHalbesma

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Motivation for this project

Anno 2014 there should be an alternative to digitalizing dozens of StudentID numbers by manually entering them into a database. CARD provides this digital solution. My personal motivation is to overcome several technical challenges and, by doing so, enriching my knowledge in computer science and coding.


The result of this Grassroots project is an application CARD (Course Attendance Registration: Digitalized) for digital registration of attendance using student cards or personal bar codes. CARD connects an RFID-card reader with a database system and the personalized website which displays person-associated information within one or more courses (for a student or for a lecturer of the course). The access to the website is realized with institutional ID (CAS, SURFconext).

Video about Timo and his Grassroots project

CARD has been developed for one course in the Bachelor Physics and Astrophysics, `Oriëntatie Natuur- en Sterrenkunde'. Oriëntatie is passed when students have attended at least 25 lectures in the span of two years. After two testlectures with both an analog and digital attendance registration, we have decided to solely continue with CARD. Oriëntatie has lectures with a typical attendance of 50-150 students. Roughly half an hour of digitalizing a sheet of a4 paper per lecture is saved that may be spent on different, more interesting tasks of the course coordinator.

In addition, due to the my involvement in CARD I have helped with registering over a thousand students for UvA Matching at the Faculty of Science, and roughly five hundred potential students at the decentralized selection at the Faculty of Law. For these two events, however, CARD has not been used in its present form because CARD requires students to have a Student ID card. The students, instead, were emailed a barcode in advance that has been used as a unique identifier to register the attending students.

Project leaders: Timo Halbesma

Start project: februari 2014

End project: juli 2014

Funding: UvA-Grassroots


Downloads (project report or extra information):


The impact of this project

Course Attendance Registration CARD is now available via Datanose voor all FNWI courses: see
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