MarchET (Make Relevant Choices in Educational Technology)

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Motivation for this project

See for more about motivation of this project at the project website (in English). The website is unfortunately not available any more. You can download the material of the modules that was on the website on this Starfish page (see here below).


Material of the modules as zip packages (study guide, literature, assignments)

Animation about the structure of MarchET modules using technology with TPACK (in Dutch):

The results of this project are used in a book TPACK E-learning Cookbook.

Project leaders: N.Brouwer

Start project: 2009

End project: 2011

Funding: SURF



  • Rienties,B., Brouwer, N., Lygo-Baker, S. (2013). ‘The effects of online professional developmenton higher education teachers' beliefs and intentions towards learning facilitation and technology.’Teaching and Teacher Education, 29, 122-131.

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